Speed and load ratings for your tyres

Posted by: Dan on 21/08/2012

Category: Tyre Information

The sidewall of your tyres will have a load and speed rating listed closely to the size of the tyre. These are displayed in the form of a number (load) and a letter (speed). For example, 94H or 102V. In the case of a 94 rated tyre you can see in the table below that it would have a rating of 670kg.

The right load rating for your vehicle is essential to its safe operation 

Load ratings indicate the maximum safe load a properly inflated tyre can carry.

A tyre can exceed the ratings listed on the placard but a tyre with ratings lower than those on the placard should never be fitted to your vehicle.

Speed ratings are used to indicate the maximum speed the tyre can carry its listed load at. Again, looking at the table below we can see that a tyre with a speed rating of H can carry its load at a maximum speed of 210km/h.

The correct speed rating for your vehicle is an important factor in replacing your tyres

The speed rating indicates the maximum safe operating speed of a tyre when loaded according to its load rating.

As you can see in the table, most speed ratings actually exceed the maximum speed limits in Australia. The speed limit must be observed at all times. A higher speed rating for the tyre does not in any way imply that it is safe to exceed the speed limit.

It's also important to note that every vehicle has a placard, usually in the glove compartment or on the inside of the driver's side door that lists the correct tyre information for the vehicle. This includes the correct pressure to inflate your tyres to and the minimum speed and load ratings a tyre should have. If you're ever unsure about which speed and load ratings suit your needs, feel free to ask one of our helpful team using our live chat feature, calling us on 138 168 or talking to one of our staff in any Tyreright store.