The importance of safe tyre disposal

Posted by: Cal on 30/05/2013

Category: Tyre Information

If you have recently purchased new car or truck tyres online, you might be wondering what the best method is of disposing your old, worn tyres.

Before you go chucking them on the rubbish heap or tossing them into the garage, you should know that there are services all over Australia that will happily recycle your old tyres for you.

In fact, most reputable tyre dealers will be willing to dispose of your car tyres for you in a safe and appropriate manner if you so wish.

This is important as tyres can be recycled for a variety of purposes. Not only is the steel in tyres extremely useful, but the rubber particles that make up the outside of the tyre can be used in sports surfaces, playgrounds and for new automotive parts. 

If you wish, you can also reuse your tyres yourself at home for a variety of arts and crafts purposes. Tyres make great bike racks, garden features and plant holders - the possibilities are endless.

Illegally dumped tyres cost Australia millions of dollars every year in removal costs and furthermore, incorrectly dumped tyres can also be bad for the environment and can also create health hazards, both as a fire risk and due to the fact that they can serve as a breeding ground for disease and dangerous insects.

Make sure you keep this in mind the next time you find yourself in need of new car tyres!