VIDEO - Understanding Wheel Alignments

Posted by: Dom on 28/08/2013

Category: Tyre Information

To achieve comfort, performance and handling, the steering and suspension needs to be measured and adjusted. The reason you should get a wheel alignment is because cars simply become misaligned through driving.

There are common factors that will increase the need of realignment such as bumping a kerb or driving over a pothole.  

Cars need alignment because:

Here is what causes a misalignment:

The benefits of a wheel alignment are:

1. Makes your car or 4WD safer & easier to drive. Prevents dangerous pulling to one side & reduces rattling, shuddering & vibration making driving more pleasant.

2. Saves you fuel & money. When your wheels are aligned, it reduces rolling resistance & fuel consumption reducing pollution and saving you real money.

3. Helps you get more kilometres from your tyres. Wheel alignments ensure your tyres wear evenly so they are safer & last longer for better value in the long run.

4. Ensures your tyre guarantee isn’t compromised. Not getting a wheel alignment can result in premature tyre wear which is not covered by any tyre guarantee.

5. Reduces wear and tear on your vehicle’s steering system and brake system. You can save time & money on potential expensive, avoidable mechanical repairs.

6. Improved safety due to better steering and traction on the road. When the vehicle isn't pulling in one direction and the tyres aren't being pressured to hold the road in the wrong way, handling is much improved.

Wheel alignment benefits: 

What are the signs of misalignment?

The tell tale signs are uneven tyre wear on any of the vehicle’s tyres, on the inside or outside edges, the car pulls to the left and / or right, the steering wheel isn’t straight or it shakes / vibrates.

If your car has any of the above symptoms then see your local Tyreright immediately. Even if your car feels all aligned then a wheel alignment should be conducted on a yearly basis or every 10,000 km’s or if you have your tyres, steering or suspension replaced. 

Signs your car is out of alignment: 


Prevention will save you time, money and increase safety on the road for you and everyone. Regular rotations, pressure checks, balance checks and brake checks will help.

See your local Tyreright about a Tyreright Total Care solution, which is FREE when you buy your tyres at Tyreright.