Are you really looking after your tyres?

Posted by: Cal on 20/03/2014

Category: Tyre Information

Being aware of the responsibilities that come with keeping you and your family safe on the road is all very well in theory, but Australians need to make sure that they are carrying out these responsibilities rather than putting them off.

As published by Emirates 24/7 news, a recent estimation by the Emirates Driving Institute (EDI) stated that at least three out of every four vehicles in the United Arab Emirates have car tyres that are not sufficiently inflated. 

Although the scary statistic above hails from the UAE, Australia is not perfect when it comes to maintaining their tyres - or even their overall car health!

A 2011 study conducted by the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce showed that 35 per cent of vehicles tested in the first quarter of 2011 were unfit to take to the roads.

Of the 746 vehicles tested, 35.66 per cent were deemed unsafe. The check focuses on five points of the car - the tyres, brakes, lights, steering and restraints.

Of these failures, the highest total was associated with tyres - shame on you, Australians! In fact, 17.96 per cent of vehicles failed their test due to tyres, distantly followed by brakes on 11.66 per cent.

These figures just go to show that not all drivers are taking enough care of their precious car tyres - something that could end up costing more than just money.

Under inflated tyres are not only likely to cost you more in fuel and wear down at a faster rate than correctly inflated tyres - they can also make driving a very dangerous activity. 

Important driving factors such as braking, cornering and overall handling can be negatively effected by tyres which are inflated to the incorrect pressure, whether they're over inflated or under inflated, according to the New Zealand AA.

Castrol Australia also states incorrectly inflated tyres are more at risk of punctures.

If you want to avoid contributing to the per cent of the population failing roadworthy tests due to tyre health, it's essential that you perform a few tyre care basics:

•     In light of the UAE statistics, make sure you consult your car manual and inflate tyres to the correct pressure - then check them when you're at a service station.

•     Always replace your tyres after five years, even if they don't appear worn.

•     Look into getting a tyre balance and tyre rotation for your set of wheels.

•     Monitor your tread depth to ensure it is above the legal minimum of 1.6mm.