A Sneak Peek at the Pirelli Tyres of the Future

Posted by: Dan on 15/10/2015

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A Sneak Peak at Pirelli's Tyres of the Future

Italian tyre company Pirelli has earned a respected reputation in the industry for manufacturing quality products that can seamlessly handle cars, trucks, motorcycles and racecars alike. As the fifth largest tyre company in the world, Pirelli stays competitive in the marketplace with a foothold ahead of the industry standard.

But the company doesn’t just focus on safety. They also strive to bring exciting new innovations to the tyre industry. For example, as wide-track tyres and inflation tyre options hit the market, Pirelli is responding to the call to introduce new products to eager drivers.

Despite the crucial importance of tyres and the impact they have on driving, drivers often overlook them altogether when it comes to comparing safety features. Yet tyres are the only part of the car that actually touch the ground and grip the road to keep your car running safely and smoothly.

Pirelli’s Cyber Tyre

Now is the time to start taking a hard look at what the tyre industry is doing to improve our driving experience. For example, Pirelli takes a new step towards delivering quality and innovation to its customers with the upcoming Cyber Tyre. Unlike traditional tyres, the Cyber Tyre gathers and reports vital information about the tyres and driving performance back to the driver.

Cyber Tyres' features go beyond the standard systems that simply measure tyre pressure and other performance areas. Instead, you can actually measure the lateral and downward force on the tyre to get a better idea of how well your car is handling and how your tyres are holding up, in addition to checking the angle of the tyre and its ongoing wear to see how much of the tyre is actually touching the ground when compared with its level of grip.

And with the marketplace poised for a driverless car revolution, Pirelli has been integrating new technology by working on systems to help slow down the car when anticipating accidents or trouble ahead. We could see traditional tyres become a thing of the past as smarter tyte options flood the marketplace and reduce accidents on the road.

Pirelli Racing Prototypes

The average person driving a sedan to and from work probably doesn't think much about tyres and new technology. However, racing fans probably already know all about Pirelli's reputation and their strides in the industry.

Recently, Ferrari, Toro Rosso and Mercedes tested a prototype tyre designed by Pirelli. During the first day of the study, tyres were tested on a wet track to see how it handled under slick and unpredictable conditions. During the second day of the testing, tyres were driven on a dry track.

These testing conditions allowed the drivers to push the limits of their vehicles and test out both soft and super-soft tyres. Pirelli used slightly different materials in the development of the prototype tyres in response to racecar drivers looking for less conservative tyres. Today’s drivers are looking for the ability to break through their performance barriers on the track regardless of weather and driving conditions.

Pirelli at Formula 1

Pirelli recently made the news for their battle against Michelin to win a coveted three-year contract with Formula 1. Michelin’s plan is to to provide 18-inch rims, like the ones in Formula E, so drivers can crush their competition as they fly around the track at top speeds.

But according to a report in Austria featuring Motorsport Director of Pirelli, Paul Hembery, their bid is the only one actually following the current standardized rules. Hembery also noted that the company will supply what the drivers want. Pirelli is committed to deliver on the best quality and give customers exactly what they want, including 20-inch rims that can endure a hard-won race.

Regardless of who wins the fight for Formula 1’s business, wider tyres are coming to the marketplace, and Pirelli is still the popular choice for the supplier into 2017 and beyond. Historically, Pirelli has done an outstanding job in manufacturing and improving its products, and it’s clear that the company can adapt to new regulations quickly.

With the new wider tyre trend we’re seeing on the racetrack, the consumer marketplace could also make a shift. Traditional cars hitting the highways will probably eventually see wider tyre options. This advancement could offer more detailed control and safety for all drivers on the road and potentially reduce accidents. Off-roading enthusiasts can also look to Pirelli to set the standard with 4x4 tyres with the improved Scorpion Verde All Season for reliability, safety and comfort.

It's true the tyre industry doesn't typically enjoy the fanfare and excitement over its new and improved technology advancements. But tomorrow’s tyres are anything but standard. As the industry evolves and embraces new innovations and tyre treads, the competition will only step up its game. Soon more drivers will take notice that there's more going on underneath their car than meets the eye.

Image: Sportskeeda