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Globally boasting an excellent reputation in the transport industry, Double Coin is a significant supplier of quality and value for money tyres. With partners throughout the USA, Japan, Europe and Australia the Double Coin tyre range can meet any application.


Being part of the CMA Network Double Coin combines the best strengths of each manufacturer to enhance tyre design & development. The Double Coin product lines include Truck and Bus Radial (TBR), Small, Large and Giant Radial Off The Road (ROTR), Radial Industrial (RIND), High-Speed Radial Mobile Crane (RCRANE) and Radial Agriculture (AGR) tyres.

Double Coin are so confident about their manufacturing process they offer the Triple Guarantee!

  • Free replacement guarantee during the first 50% of tread wear
  • Generous pro rata replacement after the first 50% wear
  • Casing guarantee through the life of the second retread.
Below are just a few of the reasons Double Coin truck tyres are trusted around the globe.
  • X-ray inspection of every tyre during quality control
  • World Class ISO 9002 Certified factory premium quality control systems
  • Mono-strand hexagonal bead packages delivers superior bead seat on rim strengthens sidewall & tread stability
  • Single-stage building machines eliminate tyre movement, increase uniformity
  • Computer controlled calenders & mixers ensure exact rubber compounding & mixing
  • Atmospherically controlled building rooms ensure materials adhesion, eliminate outside contamination
  • Segmented tyre moulds ensure tyre uniformity during curing stage
The Double Coin tyre range is available from select Tyreright locations and is also part of the TEN-24 Emergency Network.


DoubleCoin RLB1
DoubleCoin RR680
DoubleCoin RR99
Double Coin RLB1 Double Coin RR680 Double Coin RR99



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