Pirelli Truck

 Pirelli car and 4WD tyres

The world of commercial tyre purchasing and management is complex and needs a strong focus on the details. This is why Pirelli provides highly detailed information on all their truck and bus options, to help fleet managers make informed decisions. 
Whether you’re purchasing for a new vehicle or trailer, or looking to improve tyre performance across your fleet, or just need new tyres, then Pirelli has an option for you. 
Tyreright is proud to partner with Pirelli and present you with quality tyres, fit for purpose and supported by a comprehensive network of dealers and staff. Not only are we able to supply and fit your tyres, we can also register your vehicles with Australia’s premiere tyre breakdown service, TEN-24. We also offer access to comprehensive fleet monitoring and management services should you require them.
In the world of transport, margins and mileage matter and that’s why Tyreright is proud to bring you Pirelli’s comprehensive range of commercial tyres, making sure you get the maximum benefit from your investment.


Pirelli FR01
Pirelli TR28
Pirelli ST95
Pirelli FR01 Pirelli TR28 Pirelli ST95


To see Pirelli's full range of Truck Tyres visit Pirelli.com

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