Tyreright Osborne Park

Tyreright Osborne Park

Tyreright Osborne Park is ready to meet all of your wheel and tyre needs. With everything you need for any type of vehicle the friendly and professional team at Tyreright Osborne Park will offer you the right advice and right price every time.

With a great range of products to suit any budget and help you get the best performance out of your vehicle, Tyreright Osborne Park will help you make the right choice for your driving needs. Representing brands such as Pirelli, Michelin, Toyo, GT Radial, Nokian and many more, Tyreright Osborne Park has a huge range at affordable prices.

While you're getting your tyres fitted at Tyreright Osborne Park, why not find out more about their other services including batteries, window tinting and wheel alignments. Call the team on 08 9231 5563 or visit today. Once you've experienced the Tyreright Osborne Park level of service, you won't want to go anywhere else.

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Batteries to suit all vehicles

At Tyreright Osborne Park, we have a full range of batteries to suit all major vehicles. Whether you're driving an economically minded small car or a high-performance sports car, we've got the battery for you.

With great prices and on-site installation, Tyreright Osborne Park is the logical choice when it's time to replace your battery. Ask us for a quote today!

Quiksilver exhaust systems

Tyreright Osborne Park supplies and fits premium sports exhaust packages to help make your ride sing! Using the Quicksilver Exhaust Systems to ensure the highest quality components improve sports performance, Tyreright Osborne Park accesses a catalogue of over 3,000 stainless steel systems to match original sports cars dating back to 1902.

Modern cars can easily enhance their sound and overall performance for the enthusiast driver to personalise their driving experience.

Tyreright Osborne Park has selected Quicksilver Exhaust Systems due to the many benefits of stainless stell sports exhausts, including:

  • Improved component life with better materials
  • Reduced weight, which benefits overall performance
  • Personalisation with different tail-pipe designs and polished silencers
  • Reduced internal restriction to boost performance
  • The all-important distinctive sound of a performance exhaust

Call the friendly team of experts at Tyreright Osborne Park today to discuss your sports exhaust needs. Ring 08 9231 5563 and make an appointment today!

Sabre advanced tinting system

Making use of the renowned Sabre Advanced Vehicle Protection products, Tyreright Osborne Park can take care of all your window tinting needs. Our fully professional and custom service offers window tinting options to suit all vehicle types at affordable prices.

Small car window tinting prices start from $295, medium cars starting at $395 and 4WD window tinting from $495. Call Tyreright Osborne Park today for a full quote and to arrange your window tinting appointment!

 Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are more than happy to discuss your specific needs and help you get the right tinting job for your budget and your needs. Stay cool and stay safe on the road with Tyreright Osborne Park and the Sabre Advanced Vehicle Protection window tinting products.

Call 08 9231 5563 now!