TEN-24 | Emergency Network - 24Hrs

DoubleCoin GT Radial Pirelli | TEN24

In the world of commercial transport, downtime is lost income. Every minute your vehicle isn’t operating, it’s costing you business and profit. Tyreright understands the importance of keeping your fleet moving and that’s why we’re proud to support the TEN-24 tyre emergency roadside assistance program.
TEN-24 is a comprehensive network of dealers located around Australia and along all major trucking routes to ensure that you’re never far from help when you need it. Let’s face it, tyre emergencies never happen at a convenient time or location, and that’s TEN-24 operates all day every day. 
Once you’re registered, just call our toll free number (1800 00 1024) to speak to an operator in the TEN-24 control room who will organise to have your tyre emergency fixed as quickly as possible.
TEN-24 gives you the assurance and piece of mind, that you’ll always be back on the road quickly and with minimum fuss or cost.

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