The 8 Best Tyres to Buy in 2017

Posted by Dan on 20 December 2016

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A new year brings new plans and ideas. You’re going to pick up a new hobby, get more fit and healthy, and run a marathon – but you’re going to need a reliable car to get you to the gym.

You’ve given your car a servicing, you’ve polished it up, and this is all great; but now you need consider your tyres. With Australia’s tyre industry revenue coming in at over $5 billion a year, there’s no shortage of models to chose from. From tyres that are multipurpose, to those that showcase new technology, here are 8 of best tyres to buy in 2017.

1. Continental ContiSportContact 5

Summer is a special time Down Under. All around the country, Australians head into their garages and dust off the barbeque, the surfboard, and even the classic car for those seaside drives. Whether you’ve got a little roadster tucked away that needs some new tyres, or you just need a new set to see you through a road trip, these tyres from Continental are a fantastic fit for summer, and will prove capable year-round in all urban conditions.

2. Dunlop Sport Maxx GT

The Dunlop brand has an iconic association with Australian sports, with the rubber manufacturer’s shoes having long been a staple on suburban tennis courts and beaches.

The Maxx GT is a continuation of this tradition for your car, with a fantastic set of tyres in its element on tight corners, flat straights, and at high speeds. For those who love nothing more than taking their car out on the freeway for a great coastal trip, this set will see you through safely from departure to arrival.

3. Michelin Crossclimate

When buying a new set of tyres, versatility is always desirable. This Michelin is magnificent as it’s the first tyre to retail for summer use, while also being useable in wintery conditions.

Since most Australians won’t encounter a winter of heavy snow and blizzards, this tyre is great for those who seek a year-round tyre that will offer some extra protection in any conditions, other than the sort of snow and storms you’d need snow chains for.

4. Pirelli P Zero

The official supplier of Formula One, Italian tyre maker Pirelli knows a little something about making great tyres for fast cars.

Just like Michelin’s Crossclimate does well in all seasons, the P Zero is a fantastic choice for a sports car owner looking for a set of tyres that is versatile in use across all cars built for speed.

5. Nokian Weatherproof

Should you find yourself in a part of the nation that is replete with snow – or perhaps you’re just a frequent visitor to the the mountains during ski season – then a snow tyre becomes a very useful part of your planning.

The Nokian Weatherproof is the ideal tyre for those weekend trips, and also comes with a Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) so you can easily identify when it's time to get a new set.

6. Goodyear Vector 4Seasons

This tyre is a fantastic choice for those car gurus who not only can tell the difference between what set of wheels they use, but also take pride in finding the perfect fit for them.

With its unique palm tree tread, the 4Seasons is a break from the conventional tyre you’d usually see on sale. While this design can be an acquired taste, those who have taken a car for a drive with this set will often find its intuitive feel is beyond compare.

7. Yokohama Advan Sport V105

If you’re seeking a set of tyres that will combine your need for speed and safety, this offering from Yokohama could be your perfect fit. First crafted to be a racing tyre, the Advan Sport V105 is also useable in winter conditions.

While the trade-off to this versatility can result in a slight understeer when driving in dry conditions, if your regular commute involves freeway driving (and the need to deal with rain and drizzle throughout the year), this set will deliver you prime performance and great traction throughout all seasons.

8. Bridgestone Ecopia EP850

For all the wide variety of tyres that are offered, sometimes you just need a set that is a fantastic all-purpose one that will get you from Point A to Point B without too much fuss. The Ecopia EP850 set from Bridgestone is a fantastic choice for these needs.

A perfect fit for an SUV or 4WD, with great wear resistance and low road noise, this set is great for anyone looking for a good and dependable tyre that will see you through your regular commute and weekend trips out of town.

Bonus: Goodyear Triple Tube

Just as electric cars are now increasingly common – and self-driving cars are soon set to be used on our roads – we have been nearing a revolution in tyres for a while now.

The Triple Tube concept shown by Goodyear is not quite ready for rollout yet, but offers a fascinating look into what our tyres may be like in future. Even more exciting, it is one of just many changes on the cusp of being realised in the tyre world.

Whatever tyres you buy, it's important to keep in mind a couple of things after the purchase. Alongside regular checks and servicing of your vehicle, regular maintenance checks of your tyres are vital to maintaining their effective use and safety.

When buying a set of four, consider getting a fifth tyre also. It may be a little more expensive up front, but it will be much faster to take care of a flat if you have an extra. Once this is done, all you need to do after is plan a fun roadtrip to give your tyres a workout.

What features do you look for when buying a set of tyres? Let us know in the comments below.

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