How To Store Your Extra Tyres Properly Over the Winter (Or Summer)?

Posted by Lydia on 30 May 2018

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Properly storing extra tyres is not something most petrolheads give much thought to. After all, the tyres you have on your car go through all sorts of weather each day. Yet, when tyres are unused for a long period of time, they can deteriorate or become damaged. This can become a real issue that costs money - and, more importantly, can also become a safety risk.

That’s why storing your extra tyres properly throughout the seasons is essential. Whether it’s summer, winter, or the milder seasons in between, here’s a look at what you should know about storing your tyres properly year-round.

What happens to tyres in winter?

Winter can bring with it a lot of problems for your car. In addition to the extreme cold, there’s also the potential for extreme heat when it comes to your tyres. That’s right, heat.

While the weather may bring cooler climes, you can’t overlook the fact that many Aussies at work in their garages throughout winter turn them into mini-saunas with their heaters. Turning a heater on and off can do all sorts of damage to tyres, as the constant changes in temperature and the absence of motion can accelerate the rate of degradation.

What happens to tyres in summer?

Summer brings its own problems with tyres. In the absence of bitter cold, there’s the intense sunlight, which can wreak havoc on your wheels. There’s also the damage that can be caused by UV light when combined with oxygen, speeding the rate of dry rot. That’s why storing tyres outside - or inside but in the path of sunlight - is a no-no.

It might sound really strange to think exposing tyres to oxygen could do them damage - they are always exposed to oxygen, right? - but in the summer it’s taken to a new level if you store your tyres in direct sunlight. This can be worse than leaving them on your car, since at least in that case, your car’s body will shade and offer some protection to your tyres.

What’s the easiest way to store my tyres safely?

We all know tyres are built tough - it’s often a huge part of their marketing, after all. But tough is not the same as indestructible. Caring for your tyres, whether they’re on your car or off it, is vital.

This is especially true because tyre storage is relatively easy and affordable. While there are a wide variety of storage solutions available, usually the purchase of a set of tyre bags will suffice for most regular storage needs. Then it’s just a matter of giving your tyres a quick wash with some soft detergent before you store them. Once dry, you can bag them and then put them away.

How long do I have to get my storage sorted?

The answer: do it as soon as possible. We Aussies, including big car fans, are busy people, and figuring out storage for your out-of-season tyres is unlikely to be a top priority. But it’s a vital task.

Every year, the average Aussie family spends $17,147 on transport. By properly caring for your set of tyres and properly storing them when not in use, you’ll prolong their life, saving you money in the long term. Storing tyres vertically using a pallet, trolley, or blanket to keep them off the floor is an ideal temporary solution, if you need time to get tyre bags or secure a better storage method.

So, while you don’t need to get into a mad panic if the first day of winter rolls around and you don’t have a storage spot, the sooner you get storage sorted for your tyres, the better it will be for both their lifespan and your wallet. Just don’t push it off until ‘tomorrow’ or ‘next weekend’ on the to-do list, like we do with so many tasks.

If you can't store them, pass them on

Sometimes, it can be hard to find a suitable place to store your extra tyres. Ideally, you have a garage where you can store a set, alongside the other goodies that all car gurus love.

But if you have a unit, an apartment, or similar, space may be at a premium. If so, it's really worth having a good look at your extra tyres and seeing the condition they’re in.

If they’re a newer set, then it’s ideal to seek out a friend with some garage space who’ll let you store them. But if they have really seen better days, it's worthwhile to consider recycling them. Old tyres can be made into swings, planters, outdoor chairs, and many other DIY creations. If you don’t want them, a local community garden (or race track) may be happy to take them.

At the end of the day, good car maintenance involves regular routines. These routines help ensure your car stays in good shape, and also minimise the risk of any problems developing. Storing your extra tyres properly is a really worthwhile habit to get into.

It’s also good to mark off a regular professional tyre check as the seasons change, in addition to doing your own quick tyre check weekly. As the seasons can change very quickly in Australia, giving them an in-depth look is wise. Make tyre storage and tyre checks a regular habit, and you’ll be sure to always have a set of good tyres that’ll go the distance with you through all seasons.

What other car gear do you put away in special storage as the seasons change?
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