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  1. How the Tyreright 30 minute guarantee works

    Tyreright advertises a 30 minute fitment guarantee at selected times of the day. Our terms and conditions state the following regarding this process:

    11. 30 Minute Guarantee -The 30 minute guarantee applies to orders/bookings of 4 tyres or less made online and booked for the time slots set aside for the 30 minute guarantee offer in each retail location. The 30 minute guarantee is void if the booking time is not met or there are additional services required that become apparent at the time of service.

    Examples of additional services include wheel alignments, the replacement of wheels and so on. In addition to these exceptions, you should also note that the 30 minute guarantee is NOT available all day every day. Rather, it is available during non-peak times and managed per location. When you're choosing a fitment time you will note that times where the guarantee is available are listed next to the booking calendar and are marked in the time selection drop-down menu. 30 minute guarantee is not available at ATSC locations.

  2. How to buy your tyres online

    Buying tyres online can seem daunting and complicated, but it really isn't. Here's a simple guide to the quick 3 steps it takes to buy your tyres and book your fitting online.

    Cart - Once you’ve found the right tyre for your needs, click the “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” button. This will take you through to the cart page which allows you to review and edit your order. You can change the number of tyres you purchase, add a wheel alignment or use a promo code.

    Step 1 – Enter your details. If you’ve already registered for a Tyreright account then you can just sign in using your email address and password. If you’re new, then there’s just a few simple fields we use to help us get you moving. We only ask for the information we need to complete your transaction, and we respect your privacy. To find out more, read our privacy policy.

    Step 2 – Select your preferred fitting location and time. Maybe close to work is more convenient, maybe close to home? Search by postcode or suburb name and pick the Tyreright store that suits you best. Then from the dropdown select the time that works best for you.

    Step 3 – Confirmation and Payment. Check your details, enter your payment information and congratulations, you’ve just bought your tyres the right way! Buying online with confidence in the quality of product and service should always be this easy.

    Don’t forget if you ever need a hand, you can always use our live chat feature or call us for the right advice.
  3. What are the symbols on tyre pages and what do they mean

    Q.What are the symbols on tyre pages and what do they mean?

    A. In order to help make it easier to compare tyres across our entire range we have created a range of performance characteristics. These are used to indicate the differences between tyres at different price points so that you can make a more informed choice in selecting the right tyre for your needs.

    We have defined 5 specific characteristics to indicate the relative aspects of a tyre’s suitability: 

    1. Great Handling – this indicates that the tyre is engineered to deliver greater responsiveness and handling.
    2. Wet Conditions – a tyre with this characteristic will provide greater control in wet conditions.
    3. Comfort – Comfort is defined in two main ways, the first is in a smooth and comfortable ride and the second is through reduced road noise.
    4. Durable – this characteristic means the tyre is engineered to last longer due to an improved wear life.
    5. Fuel Economy – Low rolling resistance reduces friction on the road and improves overall vehicle efficiency which results in better fuel economy over the life of the tyre.

    If a characteristic is assigned to a tyre then it will be highlighted. The other symbols remain visible but are not highlighted. All of the symbols have an additional hint that is visible when you hover your mouse over them, so that you can check what the symbols mean at any time.

  4. What is an ATSC

    What’s an ATSC?

    ATSC stands for Affilliated Tyreright Service Centre. This affiliate network allows Tyreright to support our customers throughout regional Australia by offering the right service, advice and choice with the convenience of online purchasing. We have partnered with some of Australia's leading independent tyre dealers to make sure your tyres are fitted safely, professionally and with the same great level of service you would expect at a Tyreright store.

Can't find an answer? Send us a or enquiry and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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